Meeting at the airport - easily! Though, Miami International Airport (MIA) is pretty big, following this manual will simplify our meeting process.

Be noticed! Our shuttle picks you up right from the airport arrival zone! You should not ride by train to the rental center.

  1. Pass the border control (if arrived by an international flight);
  2. Pick up your luggage;
  3. Move to the terminal's exit. There are around 30 exits (Doors), each of them has its own unique number;
  4. Call or text +1.786.808.9999 (WhatsApp,Viber are also available) and inform us where you are:
    • Your last name or reservation#;
    • Level (arrivals or departures), where would you like us to pick you up;
    • Door's number.
  5. Once you have called us, our shuttle arrives shortly (5-7 min). It will bring you to our rental location which is near from the airport. Everything remains to be done is to sign the rental agreement and get your vehicle.
*** Depending on your exit number, there may be 2 or 3 parallel lanes. The first one is used by taxi, so you should wait for the shuttle nearby 2-nd or 3-rd lane, respectively.
Rental office address: 3245 NW 37th Street, Miami, FL, 33142.
There is a complimentary 30-minutes Wi-Fi connection at the MIA. You can use it so that to communicate with us through WhatsApp or Viber. See detailed information how to connect Wi-Fi below.
Press the button with the printer pictogram at the bottom of this page and print this manual.
  Wi-Fi connection setting up  

1. Select “MIA-WiFi” among available connections

2. Open an Internet browser. On the page that opens, click "Get Online Now!"

3. Scroll down and click GRAY button “Get Online Now!"


4. Click “No thanks. I'll watch an ad for free Wi-Fi"


5. Scroll down and click "Start Browsing”

You are Online! You have 30-minutes Wi-Fi connection for free which can be used to communicate with us. Then you will be required to enter you credit card to continue.

  • Journey to the crocodile paradise
    Journey to the crocodile paradise

    Everglades Safari Park - it is a huge natural park that takes up to a quarter (!) of the southern Florida state - there are severe tropical forests, gloomy mangroves along the coastline and quite unfriendly swamps covered with barbed saw grass.
  • Water Park «Paradise Cove»
    Water Park «Paradise Cove»

    Only a few people know that there are many water parks within a radius of 40 minutes drive from Miami! And you do not need to go wearily for 4 hours to Orlando in the heat. Among others, Google will give you a website of the Broward County in a search with information about this water park, reviews in English and a confident 4.5 star rating!
  • Botanic garden with a romantic atmosphere
    Botanic garden with a romantic atmosphere

    Flamingo Gardens - it is a green island of a shady tropical forest in the middle of a hot metropolis. If you come to Miami, do not be too lazy to get to this unique botanic garden, where the largest trees in Florida grow and not only hundreds of flamingos live, but also many other amazing birds and animals.
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