GPS navigation

GPS navigation units are available for an additional daily charge $9.95 (max $99.95 per rental agreement).

GPS navigator has multiple built-in languages.

Child safety seat

Florida law requires children under 5 years of age to be properly restrained no matter where they are seated in the vehicle.

Violation of the child restraint law carries a fine of $60.00 and 3 points on the driving record.

If you rent our child safety seats, you are solely responsible to properly choose and install the car seat. More details regarding the terms of a car safety seat rental are in the rental agreement.

Additional driver

The additional driver is available free of charges. The additional driver must meet the same qualifications as the primary one:

  • 21 or more years old
  • driver's licence must have been issued at least 1 year prior the date of the rental commencement

The additional driver must appear in person at pick up time with the primary driver.

*** There is no additional charge for an additional driver.

*** There is not allowed more than one additional driver.

*** Driving the rented vehicle by anyone who is not an authorized driver is a breach of the rental agreement and entails a number of consequences including void of insurance and additional coverage in case of an accident.

CDW coverage

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is an additional coverage which is offered all renters for an additional charge $19.95 a day.

Purchase of CDW significantly reduces renter’s liability for damage to, and loss of, an theft of the rented vehicle during the rental period, while the vehicle is used in compliance with the rental agreement terms. If you purchase CDW, your liability is limited by the amount of $1,000. More details are in the rental agreement.

Refusing the purchase of CDW you accept full personal liability for any damage to, and loss of, and theft of the rented vehicle during the rental period which might be caused by different reasons, such as but not limited to, third party acts, weather or road conditions, acts of nature, flood, fire, no matter whether you are at fault or not. You will be liable for the cost of repair of the rented vehicle up to its full cash retail value on the date of the loss, if the vehicle is not repairable or we elect not to repair the vehicle. You will be liable for the loss of use, diminished value, and our administrative expenses incurred processing a claim.

*** CDW is not insurance.

Roadside assistance

Roadside Assistance Service (RSA) is an optional service which for an additional charge $4.95 a day allows you to get professional assistance in case of unexpected incidents at a road. It might be jump start, opening of a blocked vehicle, flat tire change, towing service (within 25 miles from an incident place), emergency fuel delivery (up to 2 gallons).

Purchase of RSA will make you able to apply us for an assistance with no charge using the emergency phone listed below. In addition, we will pay for the expenses to resolve such situations up to $300.00 per incident.

Refusing the purchase of RSA you accept full responsibility for payment and resolve of such incidents yourself. In this case the cost of our assistance through the emergency phone is $75.00 per incident.

*** RSA is valid while the rented vehicle is used in compliance with rental agreement terms and conditions. 

*** Emergency phone +1.786.217.7383

Toll roads

For your convenience we offer an optional electronic Prepaid Toll Service which allows you to use an unlimited number of times any of the toll roads, bridges, tunnels, express-lanes within the State of Florida for an additional daily charge $14.95.

Purchasing this service you will be able to use any of the toll roads listed above without stop for the payment for its usage, because all of them are equipped with automatic scanners which recognize the vehicles equipped with this service. You may just pass through those scanners while other drivers might be waiting in line to pay.

Refusing the purchase of this service, you accept the commitment to avoid use of such toll roads. If you refused Prepaid Toll Service but use toll roads, you will be liable for the payment of all toll occurrences plus the toll violations charges.

*** Some roads in Florida are only toll, unlike others which have toll express-lanes as well as toll-free lanes. Without the purchase of this service, you will be limited in use of such roads.

*** Some toll roads in Florida are managed electronically and don't have booths to collect fare for them.

Fuel plan

For your convinience we offer an optional service "Fuel plan".

Purchase of this service you save the time needed to refuel rented vehicle upon return and you can return it with empty tank.

Refusing the purchase of this service you accept commitment to return rented vehicle with full tank of gas in order to avoid refueling fee.

SIM card

SIM cards we offer can be of any size (fit any phone). All they are made in 3-in-1 format. All sizes are inserted one into other. Slightly press and separate one which you need. All purchased SIM cards require further activation on mobile carrier website. The activation process is very easy and takes 1-2 minutes. Activating SIM card, you can select any of mobile plans listed below.

SIM card cost is $10.00

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